Pricing + Services


Breakdown of Fee for Buyer Representation

When working on your behalf to find a home and represent you during the buying and closing process I am traditionally paid by the seller. The listing agent (agent working with the seller) traditionally splits their commission with the realtor representing the buyer. This means that 95% of the time YOU DON'T PAY ME to represent you during the buying process. There are times however,  for example when the seller doesn't use an agent and sells their home themselves, when you would be liable for my fee. 


Transaction Management

.5% of total listing fee — Over 180 steps are taken in a transaction to ensure your goals are met in a timely and stress free fashion.  

           Professional transaction coordinator is used from start to finish putting a second set of eyes to review all documents and make certain all deadlines are met. 


1% of total listing fee — Utilize a dedicated and proven negotiating process to make sure you are satisfied every step of the way.

            With years of experience I have seen almost every issue imaginable and know how to navigate through them and get you to the closing table. 




Insurance and risk management

.3% of total listing fee— A layer of protection to help you avoid legal trouble. (we risk litigation and have lawyers on retainer)

            Fully insured in case of emergency so you can rest assured we have your back no matter what.              

Finding and showing homes

            Utilizing a large network of off market sellers so you can see and have a chance at homes not even on the market.

Door knock neighborhoods you like to see if anyone is looking to sell and arrange an off market deal.

             Research market based on your specifics to find you the perfect home. I also deliver neighborhood specifics detailing local schools, parks, stores, entertainment venues and more!

             Bring up to date information on every home we see and know ahead of time what the competition looks like for each offer.