Off - Road Trails Near Denver: Kingston Peak Trail

Off - Road Trails Near Denver: Kingston Peak Trail


This trail requires a high clearance 4x4 or someone looking for a longer hike. To get to the trailhead take i70 West to exit 238 Fall River Road, from there turn left on Alice Road and then take a right on Steuart Rd. Right away this trail starts to deliver on great views of the surrounding community and surrounding peaks. Once you reach the top you’ll arrive on an almost other worldly terrain. Above the timberline you’ll be able to see for miles around. The biggest attraction being the breathtaking lake Loch Lomond right under your eyes. If you look to the left, you’ll be able to see a glimpse of Chinn’s Lake too.  MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE GUESTBOOK AT THE TOP!!!!


As you keep exploring you’ll notice some tall peaks surrounding you, many are 14rs. This trail doesn’t get above 12,500 feet. One thing you’ll notice along the trail are small ponds that formed due to snow melt. Many rock towers have been built by fellow hikers too. Be careful not to stray off the trail if you’re in a vehicle. People will report you if they see your car off the trail or you’re driving off designated trails. Don’t worry, if you’re looking to drive to the top and explore there are a few places to park. Most of the time you’ll meet other people doing the same thing! I’ve even seen some grilling above the lakes. What lakes you ask?! Oh, don’t you worry, there’s beans to spill.

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Near the end of the trail and the entrance to Rollinsville is a parking area. This area overlooks three lakes, one with a waterfall. The hike down is pretty steep so be prepared to walk back up it. Along the way you’ll be greeted by a bunch of muskrats. They won’t hurt you but will definitely try to strike up a conversation. As you reach the bottom area you’re presented with a choice of going left or right. If you go left you can find the left two lakes. The back left lake is perfect for anyone looking to have a relaxing day of fishing. Beware of the haunted abandoned cabin near the last lake…..

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As you head back to check out the last lake be sure to go a little off trail…. When you do you’ll find a valley filled with wildflowers!!! I’ve spent hours just sitting playing fetch with Luna. To get these in full bloom make sure you go between July 15th and late August. Deciding to move on you should be able to find the trail again quite easily. As it winds up to the mountains and closer to the third lake be sure to keep an eye out for any little critters, foxes and squirrels are everywhere! Once you get to the last lake be sure to get your feet wet. The lake is in pristine condition, you can even see the fish swimming all over!!

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If you’d like to be closer to all the fun and beauty this amazing area has to offer, you’re in luck!! There are plenty of properties for sale! Both empty land to build your dream mountain home and completed homes with acerage! If you’re ever curious about the housing market and would like more information sent to you I would be happy to help!!!

Best local Denver hikes: Loch Lomond

Best local Denver hikes: Loch Lomond